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Humans aid the victory of good over evil by the pursuit of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.

from the region between the Hindu Kush and Seistan.

Their belief system includes ideas about a creator god, good and evil forces, individual choice, Heaven and Hell, the Last Judgment, and eternal life.

These ideas are found in sacred texts that are fragmentary, Including the Avesta dating from the fourth or sixth century ., which consist mostly of commentaries, interpretations, and selections.

More modern sources are from India, written in Gujarati and English, beginning around the middle of the nineteenth century.

Zoroastrianism may be viewed as one of the earliest monotheisms, since it postulates as First Cause Ahura Mazda, the Creator.

It then introduces a radical dualism in the form of two opposing spirits who are both the offspring of Ahura Mazda.The presence of Spenta Mainyu, the beneficent spirit, and Angra Mainyu, the hostile spirit, explains the origins of good and evil; they are the prototypes of the choices between truth and lies that each individual must face in his or her own life.Human History then becomes a working out of these two antithetical principles in creation.The more important of these are seen to preside over aspects of the material world.Also considered worthy of reverence are the Fravashis or spirits of the soul, Together with deceased mortals who led exemplary lives.Fire is the main symbol of Zoroastrianism: it receives the offerings of the priests and the prayers of individuals.