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There were frequent close-ups of breasts and buttocks, but any actual nudity was pixillated.The program was voiced over by a male narrator who mentioned the location and explained what was happening.

For example, one minute into the program, there was a clip from a wet t-shirt contest. Where they serve southern hospitality with a side of girl-on-girl action. Naked Twister was another contest depicted on the program.

Women wearing bikini bottoms were given white t-shirts and then hosed down. Here, Ashley and Maria are preparing to wrestle each other for the title of the “queen of spring break”. The viewer then saw two young women in bikini bottoms and short white t-shirts groping each other while a man poured oil on one woman’s chest. Love: I think those skinny bitches are fighting ’cause they need a sandwich. All private parts of the young male and female participants were pixillated as they played the game which involves placing your hands and feet on different coloured circles on a floor mat.

They bounced up and down and turned around to be judged as onlookers cheered and jeered. The two women then wrestled on a mat, with one spanking the other. The comedians offered some sexual innuendo: Another wet t-shirt contest was featured later in the program.

Close-ups of nipples and buttocks in thong bikinis were pixillated. Tiana: I can guarantee she’s going to be in handcuffs more than once on this trip. This one took place in a bar and two young women in skimpy white t-shirts rubbed their chests together as the announcer chanted “I say ‘wet’ and you say”, with the crowd responding “wild! The announcer poured a pitcher of water onto the women’s breasts. The program was filled with numerous other scenes of women flashing their breasts, wet t-shirt contests, and other events called bikini bull riding, foxy boxing, booty shaking contest and whipped cream wrestling.

A brief interview with the winner showed her saying she was going to get “buck wild” later. There were then more scenes of men and women on the beach grinding and groping each other. Tiffany: I am framing this and hanging this in my room, so everybody can see. The two women reacted by tearing each others’ shirts off and jiggling their breasts for the crowd. The comedians took those opportunities to make similar statements to the ones described above (more detailed transcripts can be found in Appendix A).

The comedians made the following remarks during the proceedings: narrator: While Kelly’s getting buck wild, let’s go to the spring break capital of the world, Panama City, Florida, for some fun, games and maybe even a little jail time. Some of the women flashed their breasts and genitals, but those were pixillated. [close-up of police arrest form] “Disorderly conduct”. One then pulled off the other’s bikini bottoms and they grinded up against each other Another contest required male-female pairs to pop balloons by squeezing them between each other. A few scenes did not involve sexually suggestive material or nudity.Here, freshman Tiffany has entered the simulated sex contest where contestants have one minute to come up with as many sex acts as they can. The comedians provided further commentary, interspersed with remarks from contestant Tiffany filmed outside the police station. Each female contestant attempted to pop the balloons by smashing them against her partner’s buttocks, sitting on his lap, straddling him while he lay down, etc. For example, in one scene, two dogs wearing visors and sunglasses were shown at an outdoor table slurping beer out of cups.was an hour-long non-fiction program that provided clips of spring break activities around the world.During spring break, many high school, college and university students travel to warm climates to vacation, and, in their parlance, to party.Accordingly, the program included numerous scenes of young men and women in bathing suits or various states of undress drinking alcohol, dancing and participating in different contests, stunts and antics.Many of those contests involved nudity or a sexual theme.