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They’re supportive and when there’s something new — like an action in the dialogue — they’ll help and work with me on it.This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.

It’s actually something I grew up wanting to do, being a huge comic book, cartoon and action hero fan.

Now, I’m doing it and I get to recreate all these episodes for a new generation who get to watch cartoons on Saturday morning.” On picking and choosing his superheroes: “I didn’t really care either way which superhero I was, I was just about to be ‘super’ so it was great whichever way.

The director called me up and I had worked with him before this.

It’s been wild.” On working alongside voice veterans: “These guys are such pros. Some of these guys have been doing this since I was a kid.

I think they were the voices in the stuff that I used to watch.

Now getting to work next to them is great and they’re all so cool to me.I’m definitely the youngest in the room and the newest at it.He just said that he had this project with an amazing group of writers and wanted me to come in and read for Grayson [Robin's real last name].The only issue was that my voice was a little too low.I did have to pitch my voice up a bunch, but that’s typical for most recording situations for me.I usually play the younger guy who has to up his voice a lot. I go in once a week and I’m in a room with about ten other artists.