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He received his MBA from San Diego State University and his undergrad from University of Florida, which has a much better football team (Go Gators).

When not tweeting about Account Edge, he is most likely at a live concert or event of some kind. Tom lives in Randolph, NJ and NYC with his wife and claims to make better espresso foam than Ed.

Ed is a co-owner of our website(s), which means he knows about websites and what makes them work.

Ed is also our resident Devil’s Advocate (having nothing to do with his devotion to the NJ Devils), or as he’d most likely term it, the voice of reason.

Before teaming up with Scott for the big Acclivity Management Buyout of 2005, Tom Nash served a variety of roles in MYOB, starting way back in 1992.

In that time, Tom’s duties have spanned marketing, product management, a stint in Canada (the first time), and writing jokes for his annual Partner Conference presentations.

Currently Tom’s main focus is products and technology, but don’t underestimate him in a marketing meeting, unless he’s daydreaming about lunchtime, when he’ll go out and run 10 miles or bike 20.I’d give you his Boston Marathon time, but that might trample his modest sensibilities (psst, it’s ).Prior to helping form Acclivity, Scott Davisson oversaw MYOB’s sales and marketing efforts.Now he mainly obsesses over font size and exclamation points (or lack thereof).Scott has a diverse background in the software industry, including time spent with Intuit managing their Pro Series product line.We still let him in the office, since he owns half of it and all.