Updating windows and siding

It is likely that Microsoft servers will experience a rush of late-comers who want to grab […]If you are running a recent stable version of Microsoft Windows 10 on a mobile device, you may have received notifications already about programs or apps that drain battery on the device.For instance, if you run Chrome or Firefox, you may get the message that said browser is draining battery faster than Microsoft Edge.

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I covered reasons to keep on using an existing operating system yesterday already and suggest you check it out first.

Today, I'm going to look at reasons for making the switch to Windows 10.

I want to make clear that you have […]The free to upgrade period to Windows 10 is almost at an end, and it is likely that many users who have not upgraded yet consider doing so.

We make sure that our software reviews always highlight compatibility with versions of Windows so that you know if applications are compatible with your version of the OS or not.

I suggest you check out our Windows tips section, our software reviews or the list of portable programs that we have reviewed in the past.

In a little bit over a week, Microsoft ends the free upgrade offer for eligible Windows 7 and 8.1 systems.While some may still get the upgrade for free after July 29, 2016, the majority of Windows devices aren't. This section of the website lists all Windows-related articles that we have published.The main focus of our site are software reviews, but we also feature operating system related news, tips and tricks or tutorials that help you get the most out of your PC.You may especially be interested in some of our overview articles and guides that help you understand and use core Windows features and concepts such as Windows Update, software to backup Windows or our latest Windows software reviews Windows XP was the state of the art operating system when we launched our website and we have followed development of the operating system closely thereafter.This means that you will find articles covering Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 here on the site as well as coverage of server versions of the Windows operating system.