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Introduction: What This Is and What This Isn't By Cecilia Tan, Publications Director The SABR Style Guide is a reference that exists to guide SABR writers and editors in creating consistent content.

Consistency is essential not only to avoid ambiguity in published materials, but for the sake of professionalism and quality.

SABR members pride themselves on getting all the numbers right; this document will hopefully see to it they get all the letters and punctuation right, as well.

Why does SABR need a specific Style Guide all our own?

Here are the two main reasons: 1) SABR is on the cutting edge of baseball research.We may be using terms and acronyms — as well as coining new words and expressions — -that will not yet have reached mainstream dictionaries, style guides, or usage guides.We may even be correcting incorrect usages which have crept into other reference books.2) Setting one standard reference for SABR publications settles any argument on which is definitive.There are many style guides and glossaries to choose from out there, and most are silent when it comes to baseball-specific terms and usage.The two style guides most people tend to be familiar with (if they are familiar with any at all) are the . The AP Stylebook specifies some sports terminology and usage, for use by newspaper beat writers and their editors.