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I realize the doc shows a timestamp of the last modification, but we have a lot of clients accessing and adjusting the doc at the same time. I'll admit I have not done coding, so this is beyond me.Myanda had posted something that seemed along the right path, but we are not sure how to implement it for our needs: Google Spreadsheet Timestamp?

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If you want to change it, you can just change the format text (in red). = cell1) { // Ignores this row (where I put the dates) var column = Column(); // Get column # from active cell var time = new Date(); // Get date and time of last mod time = Utilities.format Date(time, "GMT-", "MM/DD/yy, hh:mm:ss"); // Format date and time Spreadsheet Active Sheet()Range(cell1,column)Value(time); // put in time in cell }; }; Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Here you can download a macro-less spreadsheets for doing UK tax related calculations.

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Please also consider making a donation towards my time and costs.Trying to figure out a way to have column two auto-update to show a timestamp of the last update.Do you just need a single cell updated with a timestamp that shows when the entire spreadsheet was updated? What we are looking for is, in column 2, each row updates with a timestamp anytime any cell in their respective row is updated. function on Edit() { var s = Spreadsheet Active Sheet(); var r = Active Cell(); if( Column() !I can't post the doc as it's confidential unfortunately. = 2 ) { //checks the column var row = Row(); var time = new Date(); time = Utilities.format Date(time, "GMT-", "MM/DD/yy, hh:mm:ss"); Spreadsheet Active Sheet()Range('B' + String())Value(time); }; }; What this does is grabs the row of any cell that is changed and assigns a timestamp to the second column of that particular row. Changing to PST doesn't seem to change it to Pacific Standard time, but EST works. And is there a way to display the time as a 12hr time vs military time? Timezones are always based in GMT, so you just subtract (or add) to get there: GMT-. Below is a modification of the function above but to do it for a row (row 9) rather than columns.To implement, all you need to do is go into the spreadsheet and click on function, it should work without having to add anything else to the cells of your spreadsheet, just paste it into the editor and save it. For the 12 hr format, just change the HH to hh (lower case). Figuring out how to use the column assignment was very frustrating but ended up being extremely simple.For the timestamp, I set the format to MM/DD/yy and left the time. Thanks to Onen Only Walter for the original code: function on Edit() { var s = Spreadsheet Active Sheet(); // Get spreadsheet name var r = Active Cell(); // store active cell name in current spreadsheet var cell1 = 9 // This is the row I want to put values if(Row() !