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Your router will be rendered inoperable if you download the wrong firmware file.You are responsible for ensuring that you download the appropriate firmware file.Your router has been decommissioned by T-Mobile and is NOT under any T-Mobile warranty.

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T-Mobile is NOT responsible for any equipment purchased from a third-party.

Keeping your home router updated is a crucial part of staying secure.

Shellshock affected a number of routers, and we’ve also seen routers hacked and turned into botnets. You should ensure your router is getting security updates, too.

Depending on your router, you may have to do this by hand, set up automatic updates — or not do anything at all.

Your router runs a “firmware,” which is essentially its operating system.

Quite a few routers are actually built on top of Linux, and that means security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel or related software — like the Shellshock bug in the Bash shell — could affect your router.Problems can also occur due to poor router firmware design in general, such as the backdoors that have been discovered in routers produced by Linksys, Netgear, and other massive companies.Learn how to update the firmware on the Linksys WRTU54G-TM and Linksys UTA200-TM router.Important: The T-Mobile @Home service was discontinued on March 24, 2010.Although we no longer offer support for the service, we have allowed customers with existing service to continue to enjoy its features and benefits.ATTENTION: Be sure to check your router model number and ensure that you download the correct firmware file version below for your router model.