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Conserving water not only benefits our natural ecosystems but also helps delay costs to expand our water infrastructure.

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Please note that existing Water Exemption Permits are allowed to continue during Stage 3 watering regulations. Please be aware that these relaxations only apply to specific properties and only after 3 or more consecutive days where the fire risk danger is in the extreme range.

If you have planted a new lawn during ​watering regulations (May 15 - October 15) and the lawn has not yet established, you can request a temporary water exemption permit from the City. Otherwise normal watering restrictions still apply.

Nematodes are microscopic organisms that can control European Chafer beetles and are most effective when applied between late July and mid-August.

As your lawn must be watered thoroughly before and after a nematode application, you can apply for a water exemption permit from the City to water outside of the watering regulations.

Visit powersmart.ca/appliances to check the Product Eligibility Search Tool for qualifying models and to apply for your rebate.

During the hot, dry summer our water use can double ​mainly due to outdoor uses such as watering lawns and gardens, filling swimming pools, pressure washing, etc.The region-wide sprinkling regulations are an effective way to help us use our drinking water wisely and reduce demands during these drier months.Engineering and Public Works Customer Service For inquiries or to report a damaged or leaking water service, please contact Engineering and Public Works Customer Service 24 hours a day/7 days a week at: Phone: 604-927-3500 Metro Vancouver ​For information on our region's watersheds, visit or call 604-432-6200.Please refer to our European Chafer beetle information to learn about managing European Chafer beetle infestations on your lawn. ODD numbered addresses • Tuesday and Thursday, 1 a.m. Exemption permits for nematode treatments: range for three or more consecutive days, certain residential and business properties located immediately adjacent to Mundy Park and along the northern forested boundary of the City may be eligible for a relaxation of summertime watering restrictions. fire risk, the Fire/Rescue Department will be encouraging occupants of these properties to ensure grass, trees and other vegetation are sufficiently hydrated.