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Tecumseh model numbers are either stamped into the starter shroud or into a nameplate or tag that is bolted to through a crankcase bolt.There are three groups of numbers that give information about the engine.The first group of numbers will be the model number, followed by the specification number, and the last group of numbers are the serial number.

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(Third number after displacement.) And the fifth column indentifies the type of starter and charging system.

V = Vertical Shaft LAV = Lightweight Aluminum Vertical {engine} VM = Vertical Medium Frame {engine} TVM = Tecumseh Vertical {medium frame} VH = Vertical Heavy Duty {cast iron} TVS = Tecumseh Vertical Shaft TNT = Toro N' Tecumseh ECV = Exclusive Craftsman Vertical OVM = Overhead Valve vetical Medium Frame {engine} H = Horizonal Shaft HS = Horizonal Small Frame {engine} HM = Horizonal Medium Frame {engine} HHM = Horizonal Heavy Duty {cast iron} Medium Frame {engine} HH = Horizonal Heavy Duty {cast iron} ECH = Exclusive Craftsman Horizonal An Example is: TVS90-43056A serial #8310C TVS = Tecumseh Vertical Shaft 90 = 9 Cubic Inch Displacement 43056A = Specific number for parts identification 8310C = Serial number 8 = Year of manufacturing {1978} 310 = Calendar day of the year {310th day in year of 1978} C = Assembly line and shift when the engine was built.

SBH = Short Block Horizonal SBV = Short Block Vertical OH = Overhead Valve Heavy Duty {cast iron} Examples: OH160...

Now Briggs and Stratton, on the other hand, uses an entirely different system. Everything from the type of carburetor and governor to the starter and charging system.

Horsepower interpretations are provided but are not part of the model number.

The second table contains numbers that describe the displacement of the piston. The first table contains numbers that describe the engine’s horsepower. The following two tables contain the last few numbers used in the model number. Below, I will explain what most of theses numbers mean and where they can be found. You cannot get parts for any engine or power equipment if you do not specify at least the model number.The numbers in the first column represent the engine size, in cubic inches. This number is the first digit after the engine size (displacement).