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My story became a "huge thing." John Leonard, the executive director of Gay City, a local AIDS prevention organization, wrote an outraged letter to The Stranger.Calling my piece "dangerous and wrong," Leonard warned that if gay men "followed my lead" and threw their condoms away, "we could see a huge new wave of the epidemic." That same year, Leonard wrote in Gay City's annual report that for gay men, "success is measured by the small steps we take each day to come out, to love ourselves, to take care of each other, and, yes, to use condoms." Imagine my shock then, when I learned what Eric Hildebrandt does for a living: "Hildebrandt is not naive about the risk of AIDS," King wrote."He works for Gay City Health Project, a private organization dedicated, in part, to curbing the spread of HIV by building a spirit of community and responsibility among gay men." John Leonard was quoted in King's story, too, but he didn't condemn his risk-taking employee or warn other gay men not to follow Hildebrandt's lead.

HERE ARE A FEW things I learned about Eric Hildebrandt while reading a recent copy of The Seattle Times: Hildebrandt, a gay man living on Capitol Hill, doesn't always use condoms when he has anal sex.

If he meets a guy in a bathhouse or at a gay bar who looks healthy enough or is younger than he is -- and therefore, Hildebrandt reasons, less likely to be infected with HIV -- this 28-year-old Libra cheerfully engages in anal intercourse without using a condom.

Under the headline "Unsafe Sex Reported on the Rise Among Gays," The Seattle Times' medical reporter Warren King writes that Hildebrandt doesn't feel AIDS is the threat it once was, so Hildebrandt allows himself to take calculated risks with unprotected sex.

To those who condemn his choices, Hildebrandt points to women at high risk of passing genetic birth defects on to their children.

"No one comes down on them as immoral or murderers [if they decide to get pregnant]," Hildebrandt says.

"But when gay men take the risk to have unprotected sex, it becomes a huge thing." Three years ago, in The Stranger, I wrote a story in which I admitted that I wasn't using condoms with my boyfriend anymore.We were both HIV-negative, and if we had anal sex with others we would use condoms, I wrote, because contracting HIV was still very serious, drugs or no drugs.If you're interested in having some sexually stimulating conversations with the hottest and horniest singles in the Seattle area, than call Phone Sex Chatline tonight.We're the place where stunning phone sex that you never thought existed takes place 24hrs a day. All models are at least 18 years of age at the date of production.Don't be shut out of the action by not calling the local Seattle free girl chat tonight or by giving our free trial number a try. You must be 18 years of age or older to use Phone Sex Chatline.Content is protected by international copyright laws, unauthorized copying or duplication in any form strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Phone Sex Chatline.