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They’re developing clever tactics to outsmart security measures.You have to wise up to these security trends on the increase this year…Smartphones are a new target Convenience is not always the best solution.

Hackers are finding ways to track your financial details while you’re using Google Pay and Apple Pay to transfer money.

Alarmingly, according to Kaspersky, more than 50% of smartphone users are not aware that their smartphones can be hacked.

Access is gained through the camera and most users don’t know this.

Also, hackers are able to read personal files and see photos stored on mobiles. You could easily compromise your data security without realizing.

Places like airports and cafes can give hackers access to your phone.

If you must use Wi-Fi in those places and get warning messages saying the server identify cannot be verified, be cautious. In addition, you should know that charging your phones in public places also presents a risk of hacking.When the phone is plugged in, it receives data, such as the name of the device, type, serial number, firmware information, electronic chip ID and more. In 2015, there were substantial data breaches across the globe.Members’ private data was stolen from Linked In, Ashley Madison, major banks and other organizations.The cost was a whopping £3.79 million, according to the Ponemon 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study.What are the implications for your business or as an individual? With the advancement of technology, cyber criminals have become more advanced.