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Trying to prise some details out of Dyer about his upcoming wedding to his long-term partner Joanne Mas, the presenter asked him whether his current ‘Eastenders’ storyline, in which his character Mick Carter is getting married to Linda (Kellie Bright), had got him thinking about his own impending marriage.He was one of the most ubiquitous faces of British film and television during the mid-noughties, but Danny Dyer has revealed the “desperate” financial situation he was in before the BBC offered him a part on ‘Eastenders’ in 2013.

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However we are always mindful of our time slot in which we are shown and we ensure all scenes are editorially justified.”Continue reading: BBC Defends Violent Bobby Beale Scenes After Viewer Complaints The BBC is overhauling the set of its showcase soap opera ‘Eastenders’ in a bid to make it more representative of the real East End of London, adding a mosque, among other features, at its Elstree studios.

It is hoped that the reported £15 million makeover to Walford will allow the soap to “better reflect” the real East End of London as it exists today.

“[It] will be as authentic as East London today, including a mosque,” a source told The Sun on Tuesday (February 23rd).

Cockney cheeky chap Danny Dyer was on great form during a daytime TV appearance today, as he left viewers in stitches with his hilarious responses to Susanna Reid’s questions during an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

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The BBC has defended Friday night’s (May 20th) episode of ‘Eastenders’ in which viewers saw young Bobby Beale violently assault his mum Jane with a hockey stick.Some viewers took to Twitter to complain to the broadcaster over the harrowing scenes, which aired before the 9pm watershed.But in a statement to The Mirror the BBC said: "East Enders is a fictional drama and our millions of regular fans who tune in each week know and expect dramatic storylines.The long-running ‘Eastenders’ has cast 21 year old Riley Carter Millington in the role of Kyle, who will hit screens later in October with a view to becoming a regular character by the end of 2015.While this is not the first time that a transgender character has appeared in a British, it does represent the first time that a transgender actor will portray a transgender character.Tramp aka Duffie from Eastenders, (Black and white dog) - Crufts 2015 Opening Day held at the NEC Birmingham - Day 1 at National Exhibition Centre - Birmingham, United Kingdom - Thursday 5th March 2015It may be a vehicle for a great deal of British acting talent, but ‘Game of Thrones’ is apparently unwilling to accommodate Danny Dyer.