Paul mccartney dating news

Waking up alone in bed, Sir Paul Mc Cartney’s mind quickly turned to his wife Nancy thousands of miles away in New York.

“In our early days she was in New York and I was in East Sussex,” he explains.

“I would take my youngest daughter to school, come back and have about three hours until she got up because of the time difference.

“I got in the habit of writing a song and then ringing her up and saying, ‘Do you fancy hearing it? I gave her the first performance of my new album, getting out my Dictaphone and making the demos at the same time.

It was great fun.” Asked if she approved of his lovingly-crafted songs, he laughs: “She wasn’t going to say that she didn’t like them, was she?

It certainly brings back lots of lovely memories.” Son James says Nancy has made his dad “very, very happy”.

After his bitter split with second wife Heather Mills it would have been understandable if Paul had kept a lid on his feelings for a long time.But asked what his last romantic gesture was, he laughs: “We’ve done millions.” Paul is on great form as he speaks to me on his second wedding anniversary.He’s being ferried in a people carrier to his American home in the exclusive Hamptons on the outskirts of New York’s Long Island.Buzzing after an impromptu performance at a local school – he dedicated one song to his wife with the words, ‘Happy anniversary baby’ – he says they’ll celebrate with a quiet dinner, that’s all. At the start of their courtship in 2008 they drove a 1989 Ford Bronco along the old US Route 66.Armed with a guitar and a tent, they enjoyed evenings camping under the stars on the 2,000-mile road trip. “It could have been a disaster but it turned out well and we had a great time.