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Although off the beaten path by virtually any measurement, Bangladesh is populated by friendly locals.

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Here you will find the world's longest beach, countless mosques, the largest mangrove forest in the world, interesting tribal villages and a wealth of elusive wild life.

Although relatively impoverished compared to its burgeoning South Asian neighbour India, Bangladeshis are very friendly and hospitable people, putting personal hospitality before personal finances.

Ready-made garments, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agricultural goods, ship building and fishing are some of the largest industries.

The gap between rich and poor is increasingly obvious and the middle-class is fast-shrinking, as in the rest of Asia, especially in cities such as Dhaka and Chittagong as you move around between the working class old city and affluent neighborhoods like Gulshan and Baridhara. There are six seasons in a year: Winter (Dec-Jan), Spring (Feb-Mar), Summer (Apr-May), Monsoon (June-July), Autumn (Aug-Sep), and Late Autumn (Oct-Nov).

The average temperature across the country usually ranges between 9C - 29C in winter months and between 21C - 34C during summer months.

Annual rainfall varies from 160cm to 200cm in the West, 200cm to 400cm in the Southeast and 250cm to 400cm in the Northeast.Cyclones above category three/four are uncommon (especially in the deep winter January through March)-- but while rare, can still bring widespread disruption as expected to infrastructure and power outages, especially in the coastal areas.The beheading of a Hindu priest in northern Bangladesh, the latest in a series of deadly attacks on foreigners and minority faith groups in the Muslim-majority country.Jogeshwar Roy, a 55-year-old priest, was killed just before Sunday prayers at the Deviganj temple in Panchagar district, about 300 miles north of the capital, Dhaka, said Monirul Islam, head of Bangladesh’s Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit.Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack via a Twitter account, saying “caliphate soldiers” carried out the assault using light weapons, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks extremist networks.Bangladesh is a country in South Asia (sometimes converging with Southeast Asia), bordering the Bay of Bengal to the South, India to the West and North, and Myanmar to the Southeast.