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– This is a great Christian dating site that is “Run by Kiwis for Kiwis”.They also run “community events in partnership with churches, charities and environmental agencies.” There is a large number of NZ Christians on that site.You can choose the $5 prepay option to send messages for one week.

As an added bonus they don’t pester you with emails after you sign up.

nz – This seems to be the most popular online dating site in NZ.

It isn’t Christian-only but it does have a large number of Christian members. Click here for more info about their Christian Singles events.

When enough people register their interest, an event is set up (they already ran one Christian Singles event in early 2014, and as of now no new event has been scheduled).

In their own words, “We are a group of people who love to meet up and have fun, social, fellowship and friendship. We hope you’ll find encouragement, support and have some fun/social time together at Auckland Christians Meetup.

If this sounds like you, please sign up to be our member and you can attend our ‘Meetup’ which is for members only….PS: This group is mainly for single people.” – There are very few NZ Christians on this website (for example, as of about February 2014 there were 33 Auckland based members).Their website says, “In order for an event to be set up we gauge the interest registered and then when there is more than enough people an event is provided and everyone is informed. If you would be interested in attending such an event don’t be shy and Register you interest so we can let you know what is and when it is happening.” Read their feedback page for some positive feedback about their events (including 4 positive comments about the Christian Singles events – although those comments are all from between 2010-2012). – (& was a non-profit NZ online Christian dating website run by Christian Friendship Fellowship NZ (CFF).Unfortunately it was closed in December 2013, however over the last 30 years CFF(NZ) has apparently helped over 1,000 couples meet and get married. Christians/ – (previously known as “Single Christians”) – They run regular events throughout the year, and have over 200 members.