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But we know for some folks, the thrill of designing and building their own, remotely-operable Nerf cannon is half the fun.And for those clever souls, that will always be an option.For the rest of us--those of us who want something simple, reliable, safe, fun, and hopefully not super-expensive--we need something a little more well tested, and little more mass-produced.

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And much to our surprise, they have just announced the next iteration of the "Terra"-branded, remotely-controllable Nerf blaster with a live video feed: The Nerf N-Strike Elite Terra Scout RC Drone!

Here's the official description, straight from Hasbro: NERF N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE Blaster(Ages 8 years & up/Approx.

Retail Price: $199.99/Available: Fall 2016)Get the drop on your friends with the N-STRIKE ELITE TERRASCOUT RC DRONE!

In late 2014, Hasbro released the Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone.

At a $79.99 price point for what was essentially a lightly reworked Combat Creatures Attacknid (which sold for significantly less), the reception to the Terradrone among Nerf fans was lukewarm.

Still, the idea of remotely firing Nerf darts at an opponent wasn't without merit.In fact, DIY-types have been doing similar things with Nerf guns for years, making all manner of remotely-operable turrets and self-propelled tanks.Of course, these machinations are largely one-off designs that are neither easy to make nor readily available to the average consumer.Nor are they necessarily easy to operate or fix when something goes wrong. while it might theoretically be more cost-effective to hobble something together out of spare parts from your garage, the cost of building a remote-firing Nerf blaster from parts you'd actually have to purchase wouldn't be cheap--we're talking batteries, servos, wiring, a remote controller of some type, a chassis, and possibly some type of self-propulsion.Then there's the skill and time required to figure it all out and put it together.Before you know it, you're well into the hundreds of dollars in parts alone, not to mention the cost of your time (and potential frustration).