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What “pod ruchku” means Instead of holding hands, this is how grownups in Russia,…Details Traditionally men are not much into shopping.Browsing through shops and looking for things to buy doesn’t seem like a lot of enjoyment. If you are shopping with Russian women, consider these tips.

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Since the minimum monthly wage in Ukraine is 1450 hryvnia (about USD $58).

The minister believes that this amount should be increased to 2-3 thousand hryvnia, From-ua reported. Details Russian expression “pod ruchku” (“under the arm”) doesn’t mean that someone is being protected or looked after.

It means that two people are walking or standing next to each other while one is resting her wrist on the other person’s forearm.

Russian advertising media may be saying goodbye to any reference to sexual attraction.

Strange as it may seem, a Russian parliamentarian calls to ban beautiful women and seductive context in ads.

Oleg Mikheyev from the political party “A Just Russia” wants to prohibit the use of sex appeal in advertisements. Details Is it true that makeup makes women appear more desirable to men?There have been several recent studies concerning women’s use of decorative cosmetics.Social networks can’t decide whether men prefer natural look on women or they like females wearing makeup.The latest study doesn’t judge what men really like in women but explains how…Details There is an ongoing billion-dollar swindle that no media outlet is willing to speak about.They are talking about tradesmen overcharging pensioners for roof renovations, someone using a politically incorrect word (this theme they can talk about for weeks), even Nigerian love scammers get a mention from time to time. Details Travel search engine Momondo published the list of the most popular Russian cities among foreign tourists in summer 2016.