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It was clear he was the brain among us." Brandt is currently in Los Angeles promoting "The Real World" and looking for an agent to help him book future projects in film and television.

His outgoing and charming manner landed him early in front of the camera.

His mother, Georgia, acted in countless commercials and from an early age, encouraged Brandt to pursue exposure through acting in commercials and modeling for print ads.

On the set for MTV’s "The Real World," a show which documents the daily conflicts of seven unlikely roommates living together in one house, Kyle Brandt’s roommates usually defer to his judgement, much as his Princeton football teammates came to expect big plays from him as the star half-back.

Brandt, aggressive on the football field in college, often takes charge on the MTV set as a leader and protector, though he confesses that his unabashed confidence can sometimes be a problem.

"It’s hard to listen to others’ ideas when you know that yours is better.That came out in a couple of our jobs [on the show].It’s hard because I thought that I was smarter and older than some of my roommates, and it’s difficult to suppress that when you know your idea is the best one," he said."I’m a leader by nature, particularly in the house, toward some of the women, father or brother figure.I would be the one taking care of the drunk guys hitting on the girls. It was always me driving in the car or buying lunch for people.I’m not perfect in that leadership role but its something I’m comfortable in." "Real World" roommate Cara said, "It’s hard not to be impressed by Kyle.