Kristen bell and ryan hansen dating

“The interesting thing about that is her husband is an actor, Ryan Hansen,” says Bell “and I was going to work later that day and had a fairly intimate scene with him.So when I left my wedding I said to my best friend, ‘Thanks for witnessing my wedding, I’m going to make pretend love to your husband …

But we would not be at all surprised if there was a Jeannie/some guy played by Hansen sex scene on “House of Lies” next season.

But either way, she says her new hubby doesn’t get jealous of stuff like that. He could care less.” Finally, baby Lincoln, who is eight months old, is “amazing and hilarious,” says Bell.

“He’s so open and honest and wants to talk about everything.

Kristen Bell, of “House of Lies” and the upcoming “Veronica Mars” movie, is appearing on “The Ellen De Generes Show” Tuesday (Nov.

26), where she talks about her recent wedding to “Parenthood” star Dax Shepard and their new baby Lincoln.

“We wanted DOMA to be off the list and you know we were up at 6 in the morning and we were waiting for it to get out of town and it did,” says Bell.“Then we got married.” She goes on to say that their wedding pictures are …interesting, since they were at City Hall right around Halloween.“Our wedding picture by one window where we signed [the marriage papers] is us and like a big zombie cut out.Cause it was right around Halloween so it makes the pictures interesting,” says Bell.She also tells a funny story about how their wedding witness was Amy Russell, a friend and former roommate of Bell’s — but who is married to her “Veronica Mars” co-star Ryan Hansen.