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"We were broken up way before we announced it," Wellens reportedly said.

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Jesse Wellens reportedly said in a new interview that he will continue to help Jeana Smith with any future videos.

And he has shown his love for his former BFvs GF co-star on social media despite their breakup.

Yet fans continue to wonder whether Wellens cheated on Smith with Kristina Askerova or Giselle Teresa Portocarrero.

But Wellens maintains that he is not dating anyone.

Is Jesse Wellens dating Kristina Askerova or Giselle Teresa Portocarrero?

Wellens has reportedly dismissed rumors that he cheated on Jeana Smith.Wellens supposedly told Radar Online that he and Smith broke up long before they posted their "New Chapter" video.He also insisted that there is nothing going on with Askerova or Portocarrero.The speculation only intensified when Askerova posted a photo from a park.That same week, Wellens took a picture with a fan at a similar park.Fans also discovered a women's wallet in one of Wellens' You Tube videos from March.