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Artemis is the Satanic Brainchild of Apple Engineer Steve Perlman; if the bite missing from the Apple (Apollo/Apollyon "Destroyer") isn't enough to wake up, how about $666.66 for Apple's first computer? Artemis Antennas are or soon will be on every Tower, Building and Intersection, turning Cell Phones and Laptops into RF Birth Control, Disease, Spy and Tracking devices.Strong Delusion Arguably the FCC is the most powerful branch of Government, in control over all Broadcast Energy such as TV; Radio; Internet; RF Smart Meters; RF Hardware Chips used in Drones or Commercial Aircraft and Train Remote Takeover, On Star, RF Hardware Controls such as Coolant Controls at Atomic Power Stations or Electric Turbines at Dams; Directed Energy Weapons such as Millimeter Wave "Pain Rays" and Microwave Emmitters or Mobile X-Ray emmitters; GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) used for lovely things like Mind Control, Incapacitation or Electronic Cages; HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) "Ionospheric Heaters" used for Jet Stream Manipulation and Geo-engineering projects like Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, or Tsunamis; Scalar EM Antennas like Super Darn, SOUSY, Wood Pecker Grid and an array of Arctic and Antarctic EM Generation Antennas; X-Band Weather Modifying Radars used for pinpoint Weather Modification at home and against other Nations; Project Blue Beam Ionospheric "Positively Entertaining" Gigantic Screen TV soon used to present the Antichrist as Jesus Christ aka Strong Delusion to believe the Lie.

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The Southern Branch Silk Road city was said to have been built by Guan Yu out of the Earth; Adam=Edom. You may recall the Green Dragon Tavern was home to Freemasons who instigated the American Revolution; the 2nd Am Revolution and Civil War is imminent.

Edomite Dominion is 100% assured in Gen -41KJV; Esau lives by the Sword (War) and of the Fatness of the Earth (Wealth).

The Silk Road will soon host the largest Exodus in world history; Get Ready. Nice, Turkey and Baton Rouge, the filled the TV as the Capitol Mall filled with Evangelical Christians for Pulse Reset 2016.

Meanwhile, the FCC quietly approved what may be the largest Mass Murder in history with the rollout of the Nationwide Artemis 5G Network; NAZI Eugenics meets the modern age.

Nationwide Broadband kills indiscriminately; you wouldn't think to put your Ovaries or Testes in a Microwave, but you will.

It all began with Christmas Bomber Farouk Abdulmutalib; nobody noticed Millimeter Wave Full Body Imaging scanners were already at most major airports, ready to be deployed.Abdel (Servant of El/Allah) Mutallib (Student ie Taliban) was Muhammad's uncle and originator of Islam; one doesn't travel on a cash ticket Internationally to 3 countries without a Passport folks!7/18/16 Giant statue of Guan Yu unveiled in Jing Zhou.The Civil War General who brought and end to the Han Dynasty is remiscient of Civil War Confederate General Albert Pike. China is Hittite (China=Cathay=Cathar=Cath=Heth=Hittite); the Dragon is the Serpent from the Garden of Eden.Jing Zhou is also the god of Wealth, Brotherhood, Protection and Loyalty.Ishmael and Esau took Hittite Women as wives in violation of the covenant with Abraham; their Brothers were Isaac and Jacob, the brothers God chose for the Covenant.