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In a summer film slate awash with reboots, sequels and dutifully box-checking superhero product, it’s refreshing to see a genre film made from a completely original screenplay.Yet “American Ultra,” a stoner action-comedy directed by Nima Nourizadeh from a script by Max Landis, too often plays like an earnest yet unsatisfying adaptation of a cult graphic novel, with most of the charm lost in translation.

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For a well-meaning, not-so-bright stoner who works at a run-down mini-mart and can’t leave his West Virginia hometown without suffering panic attacks, Mike Howell (Eisenberg) is rather content with his lot in life.

He lives in a rainbow-shag-carpeted house with his beloved Phoebe (Stewart, looking completely at home with stringy hair and a faded violet dye job), who doesn’t seem to mind functioning as Mike’s “girlfriend, mother, maid and landlord,” in the words of an uncomprehending local sheriff.

His comicbook concept, Apollo Ape, seems like it could be a winner if only he would take the time to actually write it.

He’s even somehow scrounged up enough dough to buy Phoebe an engagement ring, though the opportunity to pop the question keeps comically eluding him.

And the interplay between Eisenberg and Stewart is effortlessly charming, with Stewart adding some welcome kinks and quirks to what could have been a thankless girlfriend role.

But as the film nears its midway point, very few of its promising ideas are carried through, and it devolves into an average midrange actioner that just happens to feature an unlikely hero at the center.(Imagine a latter-day Van Damme outfitted with a Kurt Cobain wig and a “what, me worry?Nourizadeh does well to build up the loose, ambling rhythms of Mike’s life in the opening reel, making it all the more striking when he’s accosted by two hitmen in the parking lot, and bloodily dispatches them with the aid of a spoon and a cup of instant ramen.As we gradually piece together along with our forgetful hero, Mike is a sleeper agent in a clandestine CIA program, endowed with top-level martial-arts skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of weaponry.With the program long since abandoned, a smarmy young Agency bureaucrat (Topher Grace) decides to target Mike for extermination, leading his former trainer (Connie Britton) to go rogue to rescue him.The disconnect between Mike’s molasses-paced cognitive processes and killing-machine reflexes makes for some clever comedy early on, as his lower brain keeps getting him out of jams his higher brain got him into.