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Cards giving 10 hours of prepaid Internet access can be purchased in local markets, and unlimited access for $25 a month is just a phone call away.Nearly every university in the nation is now wired to the global network, as are hundreds of elementary and high schools.Indeed, perhaps surprisingly, the Internet is not censored in Iran, and its citizens are quickly building online communities where unmarried lovers are not arrested, where youths in Western dress are not harassed and where uncovered women are not punished.

Today, that number is thought to be nearing two million, and on any given day, the Yahoo chat networks host dozens of Iranian discussions on forbidden topics like hip-hop music and feminism.

Exchanging nude photographs, of course, is also a no-no -- one that would bring a lashing -- and such threats ensure that virtual freedoms won't soon migrate to the real world.

Seventeen-year-old Pooneh Arakani, for instance, recalled how she became acquainted with dozens of boys and girls in a flirtatious Yahoo chat room.

TEHRAN— AT paltalk.com, an Internet video chat site, Iranian visitors sometimes trade nude pictures of themselves.

At chat.yahoo.com, Iranian youths flirt, exchange mp3's and discuss Western styles. There are few public places here where young people can freely mingle, where women can shout about discrimination or, perhaps a bit more quietly, discuss men and sexual encounters.

And at numerous Web logs -- or ''blogs'' -- Iranian women become public diarists, ruminating about sex, dating and marriage. There are even fewer places where activists can safely criticize the government.But as more than a million Iranians have already discovered, it is possible to mount a soapbox or to share forbidden stories with a wide audience -- all by simply logging on to the Internet.If you are looking for free sex chat with sexy webcam girls then Im Live is a must visit.Im Live is one of the biggest adult video chat communities online, with several thousand hot cam girls online 24/7.Most of these sexy cam girls are offering a free teaser chat, which allows you to watch the cam girl for free before you spend any money on private webcam sex shows.Besides of free chat Im Live also offers access to a huge database with sexy webcam movies and picture galleries from the hottest amateur webcam girls.