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If you do not already know many things about the European Patent, do not panic!We are giving you a brief guide of the system itself, which will enable you to patent and then validate your invention in Europe.If you have an invention, first you have to make sure that it is new, or in other words, still not exist.

Nevertheless such representation is mandatory only for non-EU residents.

The official languages of the EPO are English, German and French. However, if the files are not in any of the languages listed above, a proper translation must be also attached.

All parts of the application are checked during the examination: the form and content of the request for grant, the designation of the inventor, the drawings, the abstract, the appointment of an EU-based legal representative and the translation, if attached. In its following step, the EPO assesses the novelty of the patent.

The examiners go through the claims thoroughly but take the description and the drawings also into account.

If an invention is patented, it creates an exclusive right for the use of the patented subject.

In order to make sure the patentable invention is unique, you should carry out a patent search. Basically all IP law firms, especially those with a patent department can conduct such a search.Georg Pintz & Partners LLC is also such law firm, whose contact info can be accessed here.The European Patent Office advises that every applicant should seek legal advice when applying for a European patent.The examiners draw up a report and send it immediately to the applicant.The report contains an initial opinion as to whether the request for grant is in accordance with the European Patent Convention.If the opinion holds that the request meets the requirements of the European Patent Convention, the application will be published along with the search report, which usually takes place 18 months after the date of filing.