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the sma eapplies to the other major dating sityyes too.Each agency may post the same lady on different sites.this increases the chances for the lady to find a husband and of course increases the income of the agencies.

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Just make sure that when you chat with the lady you can see her on video.

Often it is the translators who pretend to be the ladies.

you think you are talking to the ladu but in fact it is the translator responsible for that particular lady.

Use the video for a few minutes and then switch it off because it costs twice the price of straight chat.

This sometimes leads I joined the site a little over two years ago.

I have enjoyed being on the site very much and even traveled to the Ukraine to meet several of the girls.I have been planning another trip so I think there a many positive things to say about the site and the women. During the past three months, the site has been hacked and their are men's faces photo shopped on women's bodies. We've been staying in touch for already 2 years and and I couldn't imagine that getting relationships on the Internet is possible. Using Anastasia the first days and can say it's simple and entertaining to use it.I see that some pics are Photoshop, nevertheless I requested some girls to send me real ones and they did. I married a beautiful and intelligent woman and I am not trying to change her. Just be aware that there are thousands of agencies in Russia and Ukraine working with this site.I love the way of communicating on the site My wife is Russian. the agencies are independent and earn commissions from the site.for example in Odessa, Ukraine alone there are over 400 agencies working with