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With all this diversity, the island city has become a great place for dating.If you too live in Singapore and are looking for a tip or two on dating, please read on: Every person is different and every relationship tosses something new at you.What matters is how you are able to keep your head when the going gets a bit rough. What will spell a successful relationship is how you are able to handle some situations that your 'doctor' throws at you.

Go to drinks at the Sky Deck at Marina Bay Sands for sunset - brilliant. Or you can try an early evening walk on the east coast parkway and hawker food it money is not so plentiful.

Or get a friend who is a good photographer and you, your partner and your friend go to the botanic gardens and do a photo shoot, with dinner at Halia afterward...

Over the last few decades, Singapore has emerged as a truly world class city.

With the existing diverse cultures in the city and thousands of people from across the world moving in, Singapore has become a melting pot for different cultures.

Below are the top three Singapore dating sites as of 2014: Lovestruck is a dating site and app, specifically for local professionals, all about getting you out on a date, and not just spending your time gawking and winking online.

Lovestruck is originally from London, UK, where it quickly took off, by allowing members to suggest a cool, fun or chilled date idea and then let other members indicate their interest in it.The site is very locally oriented with an app that can buzz whenever a member that fits the profile is nearby.Lovestruck definitely takes a lot of inspiration from the American site How About, which is also about suggesting date ideas.Lovestruck also frequently arranges events for their members.Lovestruck also takes good care to manually review each profile and gives users the option to verify their profilers by linking it to Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.An employee of Lovestruck will then confirm that you are who you say you are concerning relationship status, age and career.