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Sorrowfully, human foibles undid the Great Man — shamed and prosecuted for revealing classified national security information during an affair with his biographer.

Back in 1993, I was surfing the internet on my Acer 486SX computer, via "Prodigy" at the blazing speed of 2400 BPS, looking for information on NASCAR.

I was trying to find statistics about Richard Petty, to be able to compare the "up and coming rookie driver", Jeff Gordon.

There were not many websites to get NASCAR information from, other than occasional newspaper sites.

In those days, the sites left much to be desired, but I was finding some current information, but not finding much historical information.

I finally found some race results and started downloading, printing and compiliing what I could find in a spreadsheet.

My spreadsheet quickly grew and grew to the point that it was becoming unmanageable.As my directory of files continued to grow, I was teaching myself database programming.The pair both share the same blonde hair and facial features which Shannon said 'frightened' her when she met Sara, and even her father did a double take at how similar Sara looked when they met up in Dublin.Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Cartoonist Walt Kelly’s famed possum, Pogo, first uttered that cry.In light of alien disaster movies like the recent sequel Independence Day: Resurgence and America’s disastrous wars of the twenty-first century, I’d like to suggest a slight change in that classic phrase: we have met the alien and he is us.Just a few years ago, General David Petraeus was a highly respected military leader; the commander of U. Forces in Afghanistan, and later serving as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.