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It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Jill is "youthful". It was already used in the phrase "Jack and Jill" in the 15th century. John, Jill Eikenberry, Jill Ireland; English novelist Jilly Cooper; fashion designer Jil Sander.

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Kids love nursery rhymes, especially “Jack and Jill”.

It is this love and fondness that have allowed it to survive for hundreds of years.

So, here are some “Jack and Jill” themed coloring pages that will make your preschooler fall in love with this rhyme.

This coloring page features the rhyme along with the images of Jack and Jill.

Both Jack and Jill are looking extremely cute holding the bucket.

It’s a great coloring page to help your preschooler memorize half of the rhyme without much pestering.The rhyme “Jack and Jill” dates back to the 18th century and exists in several variations. Here’s another Jack and Jill coloring page showing Jack and Jill going to fetch water.Unlike the first image, where Jack and Jill are dressed in elegant dresses, the duo here is dressed as ordinary peasants.Tell your kid to add some cool and fresh colors to bring this adorable scene to life.[ Read: Caillou Coloring Pages ]Do you have a music lover at home?If yes, then you could present her with this Jack and Jill coloring page featuring the music notes of the rhyme. Did you know that a second verse was added to the rhyme of months of its publication? Here’s the second verse-Here’s an interesting Jack and Jill coloring sheets for the little learner in your house.This way, your kid can memorize the poem while playing its notes on the piano. Both Jack and Jill have forgotten the way to the well. He just has to draw lines on the path until he finds the one that goes up the hill to the well.