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Unfortunately, some set times and sound quality suffered […] We are going to reduce the number of vendors a bit and modify the vendor area so it is a more pleasing area for all. We will turn it almost 90 degrees to keep it out of the direct sun and to face it toward the vendors.We are also looking into a canopy for the front to provide shade for the audience.” As for complaints about the heat, dirt and dust, he said, “We can’t control them, really we are taking steps to reduce their influence.” One step to reducing that influence and perhaps the biggest event change is the scheduled date.

I, myself blacked out on Saturday.” Moving the date to autumn will eliminate the heat problem, as October is one of the most popular camping times in Georgia due to its mild temperatures.

Originally, the fest was moved to Labor Day weekend in late August.

Banach explained, “We very quickly realized that was an error and we needed to correct it.

First, the heat problem would be there, possibly worse.

Second and mostly was its clash with Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

I must have received 70 or 80 messages The Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund (MPSF) awarded its annual scholarship to Pete Ryland Shoda, III.Shoda is a graduate of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and will be continuing his studies at Grand Rapids Community College and Northwestern Colleges. The festival was a landmark event bringing together Pagan musicians from around the globe for four days of fun.Organizer David Banach said, “I decided to do Caldera Fest again mostly because the first one was simply pure magic.” The 2016 festival was held in Lafayette, Georgia over May’s long Memorial Day weekend.Most attendees agreed that, despite the problems, Caldera Fest was a unique and powerful experience .Acknowledging that the various problems, Banach said, “I see them as opportunities to make the next one better.” He added that organizers will be making changes both big and small. Having 30 acts play on the stage was a logistical challenge.