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Ed Bouchette: It's possible they ask him to take a pay cut. Seems foolish to pay someone with average ability so much cash, correct?

Plus, even if they are able to get something for Suisham, it won't be more than a sixth or seventh rounder. No, I think this is another year in which they do not trade during the draft, at least not high.

Comment From Ted: Do you think this team did right by Tommy Maddox?

Did you read that article about what happened in his personal life after he left Pittsburgh? What does that have to do with how he acted petulantly in his final season when he did not even attend their Super Bowl ring ceremony?

Ed Bouchette: Many of the cap projections for the Steelers done at this time of the year in the past wound up way off the mark.

Comment From GSK: We all know the Steelers never make a big splash in free agency but does that trend change this year? Ed Bouchette: They don't make "splashes,'' which to me is a big-name signing to make, you know, a "splash.'' I think if there is someone out there who can help them at a reasonable price, they will consider it.

Comment From Leon: I know with some of their moves this may be taboo, but what about a trade to shore up their secondary?They'll have a pick from trading Suisham, and a 5th rounder could net them a productive player (don't make a Boykin joke, please) Ed Bouchette: After all the bad trades they've made recently, you still want them to make a trade?Ed Bouchette: Good afternoon, let's begin Comment From Professor: Any heat on Colbert for his huge trade whiffs (Boykins, Scobee, etc.)? Understand, that was not Kevin trading in a bubble. Comment From The Card Says Moops: This morning on 97.5 out here near Philly, Brian Baldinger said that he heard this personally from Terry Bradshaw – towards the end of his career, Bradshaw was so fed up with the Steelers and Coach Noll, his dream was to sign with the Cowboys and win a Super Bowl to stick it to Pittsburgh. Comment From Spirit Sniper: Cotchery made a pretty nice catch in the SB, don't you think? As for Cotchery, what a poor Super Bowl he had, including that "catch" that should actually have been caught easily without all the bobbling and drama Comment From Guest: Ed, you were right to compare Vontaze Burfict with George Atkinson ... Ed Bouchette: I was not in San Francisco and if I were, I probably would not have sought him out. And if it came from Bradshaw, it would be suspect anyway. Point of the ball hit the ground before he even rolled over. Comment From Thad: did you get to catch up with Santonio Holmes in San Fran? Ed Bouchette: Maybe they knew he would not and then found out two games into the season they should have anyway. Comment From Dude_From_Cali: Fans suggest asking Timmons for a paycut coming season, why didn't FO ask Cortez Allen for one last year?