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Please Note: All screenplays on the domain are copyrighted to their author. The screenplays may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.Zombie Detective by Simon(Series, Web Series) - A young girl teams up with the famous ZOMBIE DETECTIVE to try and solve a case that may or may not involve a blood thirty werewolf .12 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script4 by Sean Chipman (Mr.

This leads an epic, political romance that goes burns with the fires of destruction as much as it does passion.

54 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script#Friendship by Thulasidasan Jeewaratinam(Short, Drama) - Three friends - separated. Can they all meet back before they all depart in separate ways again?

20 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script#You Are Dead by Luis Garza(Short, Horror, Comedy) - Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. 26 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script12 Days in the Life of Rocky by Anthony Cawood hosted by Anthony Cawood(Short, Horror) - A prototype serial killer strugles with his first kill, questions if he's ready for it, but then help comes from an unexpected source.

In this short, a clumsy psycho killer uses Snapchat to scare and kill his new victims, two dumb high school girls who are having a sleep over. (Found Footage style) 16 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script12 Seconds by Sean Chipman (Mr.

8 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script+ - by Mohammed Hassan(Short, Drama) - Man wakes up alone in a room with no doors or windows. Blonde)(Short, Thriller, Psychological Drama) - Before a person dies, their life flashes in front of their eyes.

But, what happens in the twelve seconds between when their body dies and when their brain dies?(pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script180 by Mike Shelton hosted by 180(Short, Comedy) - When Dennis gets dumped, he's got absolutely nothing to lose and decides to lay it all on the line, with shocking results.(pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script11 by Khamanna Isdandarova (khamanna)(Short, Comedy) - A boy courts a girl before asking her out.But who is really courting who - that is the question.6 pages (pdf - formatting: ) - Discuss this script2020 by K.Campbell(Short, Sci Fi, Fantasy) - In a satirical future were America has become oppressive, militaristic and right-wing due to the election of President Jebb Dumbfuck a romantic but damaged poet named Jimmy falls in love with a suicidally, witty bohemian girl.