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To this important fact there may now be added another which serves further to define the position of Rheged.

After the death of Urien and his son Owein their place in the leadership was filled by Aedán of Dál Riata; it would seem that among the native ruling families there was no one left capable of making effective resistance.

Aedán's defeat at Degsastan was followed by the Anglic conquest of Lothian and Galloway, not, however, of Strathclyde. The question arises, where was Urien's province of Rheged?

This is a much-discussed problem, as to which the most various views have been held.

Skene would [156] place it in the north near Dumbarton; it has also been placed in the south about Dumfriesshire, in Cumberland, in Lancashire, and even in Wales. Morris-Jones, and he has helped the solution by showing that Rheged contained Carlisle.

, 1926 (reprinted 1993 by BIRLINN, Edinburgh, ISBN 1 874744 06 8). That the district remained British may be taken as a matter of course: names such as Ochiltree prove that here too, as in Lothian, the old British language passed into its Welsh stage.

To return from the endnotes to the main text, click on your browser's 'back' button.] [155] Of the history of Galloway and Dumfriesshire - the land of the Novantae and the Selgovae - in the centuries following the Roman evacuation we have but little definite knowledge.It may also be reasonably assumed that before it came under the dominion of the Angles at some time in the seventh century it was ruled by native princes, but who these were, is rather a problem.In the latter part of the sixth century Urien of Rheged and his sons formed the bulwark of the Britons against the pressure of the Angles.Had Aedán been victorious the result might well have been the political fusion of Urien's province and even Lothian with Dál Riata at that time.This was the last important event of his life ; he died three years thereafter at the age of seventy-four.[157] During most of the seventh century and the whole of the eighth the Angles were the superiors of the whole region.