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The rapid page load times and seamless navigation help Google Chrome earn the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for the best internet browsers. During our timed trials, Chrome initialized our site in 1.5 seconds.That time stayed consistent during subsequent refreshes.Navigation from one site to another ran at a modest 5.3 seconds.

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Since its 2008 release, Google Chrome has steadily gained popularity, to the point where it has acquired the largest share of global internet usage.

This internet browser upholds Google's reputation of innovation and industry dominance.

While this software borrows from other well-established services that came before it, it improves on their methods and is now the standard to which other web browsers aspire.

Chrome's appeal lies largely in its simplicity and speed, scoring better than average in both categories.

The layout is clean, intuitive and well organized, and Chrome manages a level of simplicity other internet browsers lack.

Its features are clearly designed for efficiency and ease of use, and you can search and navigate from the same box.Furthermore, the browser allows you to conveniently create shortcuts to web applications you regularly use, which you can place on your desktop for quick and easy access.Google has taken initiative in making Chrome very compatible with the internet.Chrome was specifically designed to quickly and efficiently load, display and interact with the vast array of applications on the web, boasting a built-in Flash and PDF reader.The synchronization between your smartphone and your desktop browser makes saving favorites and making bookmarks a seamless process.Most internet browsers are built for function over form, but Google Chrome succeeds in both.