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When couples marry they all start out believing that their love for each other will last for ever.Separation and divorce are the furthest thing from their minds.Sadly very few modern marriages will stand the test of time and almost one in three in the UK will end in divorce.

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By using an internet dating site it is far more likely that you will meet someone that has had similar experiences as yourself, than it would have been twenty years ago.

For those that do find the strength and courage required, they may be lucky enough to find years of happiness ahead of them.

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It can take months, if not years, before you are able to rebuild your life and regain your confidence.

The decision to separate or divorce will be all the harder if there are children involved and how ever much you want to be out of the relationship, you may find yourself reluctant to leave due to the heart break that will be caused to your siblings.

Despite the inevitable pain, you may be surprised at how resilient children can be.There will no doubt be far more emotion and worry built up in your mind about the future, than usually does if the decision is made.Staying in a loveless marriage because you feel duty bound by your children is often a mistake, as the mental and psychological damage that you can cause can be far greater than making a break and building a new life.Even without the involvement of children the usual commitments of modern life such as mortgages, loans, cars and pets, can be enough to make you step back from a heartfelt decision and convince you to continue with your sad and loveless existence.Everyone has heard the saying ‘Life is too short’ and this have never been so poignant where relationships are concerned. The thought of being alone and left on the shelf can also become a factor in an acceptance of a dead marriage.There really is life after divorce and it is far better to suffer the short term pain of a break up, rather than a life time of unhappiness and unfulfillment. Not may people will cherish the thought of growing old alone, but with the help of the internet, there are thousands of singles from your own local area literally at your finger tips.