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[Warning: This Review contains images that are non-worksafe, including women in their bras and panties.If this and frank discussions of sexual content deter you, please do not read past the “Read More”.You have been warned.] Wow, it’s the first article since I’ve actually had time to write again and it’s about an erogame?

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Developed by Huniepot and released in January of this year, has received…well, polarizing reviews.

On one hand, it’s touted as being one of the worst games of its kind to come out in recent years, and others have praised it up and down for its gameplay, style, and overall interesting idea. I’ll…you know what, I’ll let you guys at home play along and see if you can figure out what my primary beef with the game is.

(Though, spoilers: I like the game.) Where do you even start when you talk about a game like this?

It’s a match-3 puzzle game where you woo women, give them stuff, and proceed to sleep around on all of them like the biggest douchebag this side of a hentai film. For those of you who have never played this game, and don’t want what little story there is spoiled…uh…spoilers?

you have eight types of tokens, each corresponding with a specific function: Sexuality, Talent, Flirtation, and Romance tokens (or, Red, blue, green, and orange) represent various traits that a given girl will like or dislike (so set your strategy accordingly); Joy tokens (the bells) give you extra turns; Broken Heart tokens (the purple hearts) screw you over and cut your affection down by a set percentage per token when matched; Passion tokens (the pink hearts) will increase your passion level, which multiplies the amount of affection earned per match; and sentiment tokens (the tear drops) let you use a date gift, provided you have enough of it.

Using all of these tokens wisely is integral to passing each date and reaching the next level of your ‘relationship’ with the girl, so that you can eventually go on to getting in the sack with her and collecting her panties (you heard me).It’s an interesting system that adds a level of strategy atypical of your usual match-3, so it’s not a candy crush clone with a pair of boobs slapped on the cover.Anyway, you, the protagonist, are a dude (or dudette) who is quite terrible with the ladies.Not only can you not talk to them, but just being near one causes you to nearly piss yourself (which comes off as strange when you play as a woman…but more on that later). In order to woo these lovely ladies, you need to date them, which is shown through a match-3 puzzle sequence.Upon going home to masturbate in shame, she wakes you up in the middle of the night as a sexy-fairy version of Madoka from Madoka Magica, and tells you she wants to Eliza Dolittle your ass into the perfect casanova. Because you’re so pathetic that turning you into a macking machine will be her greatest accomplishment yet. By dating them correctly, you earn money, which you can use to buy gifts for the ladies, which will give you Hunie to boost your “traits”.When you’re on a date, the goal is just to fill up the affection meter at the bottom of the screen before you run out of moves.