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That’s why the m-ywedge™ is so long overdue.It’s only eight inches long, so it fits in any boat storage compartment, unlike the old style transom saver.

It won’t harm the trailer, outboard or boat and perhaps most importantly, it completely eliminates the need to lean underneath the boat for installation, nothing to hold on to.

Universal m-ywedge has a lot of the same benefits of the original m-ywedge and uses the main tilt rod on the lower unit.

Works on Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Evinrude and Johnson outboards with single ram power tilt systems, plus kicker motors with power tilt systems The universal m-ywedge unit pops or clicks into place over the main tilt rod and when you tilt the outboard down it compresses the rubber for a cushioned stable platform.

Its only five inches long, so it fits in any boat storage compartment.

The technology behind the m-ywedge™ is fiendishly simple.

Constructed from EPDM rubber and high-tech plastic, it simply fits over the outboard’s trim & tilt piston.When the motor meets the rubber as it’s tilted down, it self-centers to form a cushioned stable platform that seals on both ends for safe, dependable trailering at the correct height and eliminates “trailer shock”.Thanks to advances in boat-building technology over the last decade, modern transoms are created to withstand torque.I am a structural engineer and have designed engine vibration mount and thrust reverser vibration isolation components. I have been using the wedge for so long now I forgot when I got it! You had just put this product online, well I still have my and its been thousands of miles, No damage to anything what so ever, I think half of 90% of the guys Ive talked to have bought one even if they had there transom saver this would be a quick fix to them.I have been waiting some time for someone to break the impact linkage of the existing transom saver configurations. I was at lake Amistad last year fishing the TTTrail and I had a flock of guys around my boat, I expalined to them what it was and how long I have had it, who knows I think it was a prototype, Any way just hello. ( have a USCG Captains Lic.) I live on the Water here in Va.(but will be towing my Maverick 18 MA to The Eastern Shore of Va. There's a lot if not more fishing opportunities in this area as there is in NW Fl.