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Each side of the drum produces a different note and the player stands while performing(English, French m., Spanish m., German n.) a fourteenth-century Italian style where secular verse is set for two or three unaccompanied voices, in two sections, the first being repeated two or three times, the second performed only once, where the top line is generally more florid than the line(s) belowthe use of illustrative devices including 'text painting', for example, through changes in texture, tone, range, or volume to musically mirror what the text is describing, used particularly in madrigalsan enormously popular device in nineteenth-century Italian and French romantic opera, that provided an opportunity for exciting and demanding vocal writing for great singers.The most famous examples are in Lucia di Lammermoor and Anna Bolena by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848), and I Puritani by Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini (1801-1835).

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It is indeed difficult to walk down any street within the state without hearing las maderas que cantan or what Chiapans affectionately call 'the wood that sings'.

Chiapas is one of Mexico's most isolated and exotic states, which only adds resonance to the combination of reality and legend that surrounds the marimba, its music, and the people who play the instrument.

In the Mexican tradition, generally several musicians perform on a single instrumentassociated with Panchavadyam, a heavy, two-sided drum, from Southern India, that is tied around the waist of the person playing.

If you would like to support our work writing and maintaining the teaching resources on this site please click on the donate button and follow the online instructions - thank you for your contribution.(Japanese, literally 'space') it is used in music to describe a period of silence.

In taiko drumming, ma is the period between hits on the drum.

It is important to appreciate this silence when playing taiko, just as you would appreciate the sound of a hit on the drum.Since ensemble taiko is focused on rhythm, the ma of a piece is critical to adding drama, excitement, and tension.Ma can be a rhythmic rest, or an extended silence, to be broken at the player's discretion.If the player concentrates on hearing the ma between each hit, in addition to the hits themselves, he or she will create a much more effective and satisfying soundas an adjective, the word refers generally to sneaky, ruthless, and deceitful behavior, especially in regard to a ruler obsessed with power who puts on a surface veneer of honor and trustworthy behavior in order to achieve evil endsa canzo a ballo (song for dancing) from the thirteenth century, sung at weddings, which became a children's game known throughout Italy.The king sends his emissary to bring back Madame Dorè's beautiful daughters to marry a succession of men, beginning with the chimney sweepor madhalam, an abbreviation for shuddha madalam or suddha maddalam, a heavy, two-sided drum, from Southern India, that is tied around the waist of the person playing.Each side of the drum produces a different note and the player stands while performing(Spanish f.