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Russian graphic and web design studio in Moscow, run by Alexei Vanyashin, Fedor Balashov and Kate Semenova.Alexei Vanyashin studied typography at Stroganov University under Dmitry Kirsanov from 2002 until 2003.

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Typefaces made in 2012: Junge (a delicate roman face, free at Google Web Fonts, which was inspired by the calligraphy of Günther Jung), Merge Pro Greek and Cyrillic (codesigned with Kosal Sen, Philatype), Jacques Francois and Jacques Francois Shadow (Cyreal: codesigned with Manvel Shmavonyan, they are revivals of Enschedé No. The Latin counterpart is derived from Lora by Olga Karpushina, Cyreal. Various other URLs: Microsoft link, Identifont, 4th February, Behance, Klingspor link, Revision Ru, Russian creators, CPLUV Fontspace, Twitter. Sergey Tkachenko's typefaces: 2009: Wrongo 4F, Zantiqa (an über-serif), Serifiqo (a (free) thin didone fashion mag display face), Codename Coder 4F (monospace programming font), Droporado 4F (using circles only), Tovstun (futuristic, ultra-fat and rounded), Perfocard 4F, Modularico (five modular typefaces based on a logo from Master Kremenchug a company for which Sergiy worked for 4 years), Boldesqo Serif 4F (a splendid informal fat didone, now with Greek support), Tkachenko Sketch, Unicase Slab (a techno slab), Laftatic, Logofontik 4F (techno), PC.

Its vertical and horizontal metrics are adjusted to better match with the Devanagari. DE Stencil (+Italic; custom stencil font), Stenciliqo 4F, Tiap Liap 4F (handwriting), Nut Kit 4F, Rezzzistor 4F, the inline modular face Grand Hotel, and Bijou 4F.

[ Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 24-29, 2004, organized and hosted by the University of Macedonia. 2010: Roboo 4F (a bubblegum typeface family), Päd In (a custom typeface for Pädagogische Initiative e.

Speakers include Jacques André, Jannis Androutsopoulos, Michalis Arfaras, Dimitris Arvanitis, Christina Banou, Nicolas Barker, Petr van Blokland, Neville Brody, Petra Cerne Oven, Costis Dallas, Simon Daniels, Milena Dobreva, Mary Dyson, Peter Enneson, Shelley Gruendler, Justin Howes, John Hudson, Lampros Kalampoukas, Peter Karow, Robin Kinross, Kevin Larson, David Lemon, Gerry Leonidas, Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum, Jason Lewis, Stephan Lubell, Piero De Macchi, Alan Marshall, Klimis Mastoridis, George Matthiopoulos, James Mosley, Maria Nicholas, Hrant Papazian, Jean-François Porchez, Manolis Savidis, Triantafyllos Sklavenitis, Andreas Sophocleous, Richard Southall, Erik Spiekermann, Charis Tsevis, Michael Twyman, Vangelio Tzanetatou, Gerard Unger, Karel van der Waarde and Evripides Zantides. V.: rounded fat informal face), Fat Quad (in the fatty trend), Veselka (a free multiline face), Smeshariki Black (+ Gleams: a bubble gum font made for an animation company), Republica 4F (a fat family), Rodeqa Slab 4F, Com Fi (semi-octagonal), Grotesqa 4F, Nowy Geroy 4F, Fabryka 4F (a monospaced typewriter family), Placarto4F-Italic (an ultra fat art deco), Lavina 4F (a hairline sans with lachrymal terminals).

2011: Squartica (octagonal), Decomart (free), Model 4F Unicase (a unicase fat didone released in 2013 only), Fontatigo 4F, Kylie 4F (bilined and geometric), Waldemar 4F (a large didone style fat typeface family), Dinesqo (2011, a monoline sans of utter simplicity), Qargotesk (+Cyrillic) [images: i, ii, iii, iv], Neultica 4F (black unicase family), Squartiqa 4F (2011, constructivist), Clarenta 4F Black (after Clarendon---a great family), Designosaur (free sans), Perfopunto (based on perforated circles and squares), Ola Script 4F, Bayadera 4F (a tamed upright monoline script), Febrotesk4FUnicase (squarish unicase family).

2012: Targo 4F (rounded typeface with stencil and non-stencil styles), Myra (free font), Myra 4F Caps (free), Cedra (wide monolined sans face), Fontatica 4F (rounded techno grotesk), Akzentica 4F, Ukraintica 4F Wide (a monoline wide-bowled sans family), Laventa 4F, Sports World (free athletic lettering font), Web Serveroff (free computer geek font), Octin Spraypaint Cyrillic (a rough stencil done exclusively for Ninja Theory).2013: Condesqa (modular sans), Esqadero (an uncomplicated monoline sans), Vanyla 4F Unicase (monoline), Esqadero FF CY (a free wide sans, Cyrillic), Bond (a confident no-frills sans), Attentica (free sans font for Latin and Cyrillic), Cedra 4F Wide Thin.Florian is a 9-style angular (wedge serif) text family.Florian and Geo Text won First Prize at Granshan 2010 in the Cyrillic text typeface category.Alexei designed the curlified Bodonito Display (2009), Eurotesque, Wire (2009, monoline sans), and Mod L (2009). There, he designed typefaces such as Rationale (2011, with Olexa Volochay and Vladimir Pavlikov), Vidaloka (2011, a didone done with Olga Karpushina), Alike (2009, with Svetlana Sebyakina), and Adamina (2011, a text typeface for small print: free at OFL). Suisse International Condensed Cyrillic won an award at Modern Cyrillic 2014. 1979, Khrystynivka, Cherkasy region, Ukraine) lives in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, and has been a prolific type designer since 2008.Schmale Antiqua (2010) is a very thin Latin and Cyrillic didone typeface that revives a 19th century typeface widely used for setting book titles. I am not sure if Iceland (2011, Cyreal: free at Google Web Fonts) is also his. Sumana (2015, free at Google Web Fonts, and published by Cyreal) is a family of Latin and Devanagari fonts for text setting and web usage. Sergiy graduated from Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University in computer systems and networks in 2007.