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There are lots of rules to online dating and we hope to have our TOP 5 Online Dating tips posted soon! Just ask Jerry and Tori Jennings who now own the bar where they first met.With the help of a little liquid courage, the bar scene is a great place to meet someone new.If you need more tips, then head over to The Tractor Room @ Twang and ask Jerry and Tori about their love story.

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The grocery store is still a place to meet singles.

One of our gatekeepers found love at Kroger, and has been singing the praises of grocery stores ever since.

If grocery stores are not your thing, then head over to the Mulberry Market each Wednesday in Tattnall Square Park to meet some great Maconites who just might be your match.

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The horizontal line signifies the horizon, the vertical lines show times and headings of moonrise and moonset. Well, our gatekeepers are here to serve as wingman! The absolute takeover of dating in the digital age is complete, and now the place to find love is online. Our gatekeepers know that the single scene is a challenge to navigate.What was once seen as taboo is now the first choice for singles on the dating scene.Whether you troll the Gatewaymacon Facebook comments to see who is going out this weekend, or you sign up on a dating site, there are plenty of available singles ready to meet you online.Here in Central Georgia we recommend and if you are more adventurous then try