Dating and who pays

Most girls commenting on my Russian dating blog are completely against of any tips or suggestions that a woman must help the relationship move forward: in their opinion, is a lady shows initiative, the guy will think that she is too eager, and wouldn’t value her.

You will definitely meet some foreigners, if you live in a metropolitan area.

People travel a lot, and move around the globe freely.

However, as you may know, salaries in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia are different than in Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia.

If you think $8/hour is not a very good pay, consider this: after the recent collapse of Russian rouble and Ukrainian hryvnia, many people there are lucky to earn $2/hour.

If you want to invite a lady you are dating to visit you in your country, the cost of the tickets may be more than her monthly pay. These costs are not too prohibitive when you earn $800/week, but if you earn $800/month or less (which some women do), it doesn’t look that simple.

In addition, she would need to apply for a visa to Europe, U. Surely, many Russian and Ukrainian women would love to come over to see you, but if they were to choose a vacation spot for themselves, they would not be going there, and would not be able to afford it.The message we get from ladies on Elena’s Models is that men think a girl should simply purchase tickets and visit them.If this is what you think, then it should be you who needs to buy tickets and jump on the plane.Ask the lady if she is free to spend a weekend with you, and go ahead!Remember the customs of courting in Russia and Ukraine dictate that the man should be the one who initiates everything.It’s unlikely she will invite you to visit; she is waiting for you to suggest how you want to meet.