Dating a sagittarius man

Progression of Relationship: It has a nice pace, a realistic basis and a high probability of succeeding.They both know right from the start where it’s going.

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and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy This unlikely combination works out well.

Two interesting, responsible adults face the world together with a good combination of skill sets.

He supplies the optimism and expanded consciousness. Dress up or down a little – get more appropriate in general.

She grounds his intellectual and adventuresome goals into realistic fruition. Show appreciation for how responsible she is and try to get places on time at least while you’re courting. You’re dating her because secretly you want to go more mainstream so don’t blow it.

Together they tend to take life seriously but go for their full quota of enjoyment, the so-called “Good Life”. Help him remember where he parked the car, left his umbrella and forgot to put his credit card back in his wallet. Pay attention to where you are and who you’re with.

There is a tendency for this combination to be different in a plus way – different ages, cultures, backgrounds …. Help him track down the cleaners he took his clothes to last time. If this puppy grows on you, you’re just getting warmed up to Life with a Sag! Try to understand the significance of the people she introduces you to.How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Capricorn Woman: Be as mature and intellectual as possible. How to Attract a Capricorn Woman as a Sagittarius Man: Make her smile. Degree of Romance: Really, they have more important things to do.Show an interest in the world around you both politically and philosophically, not just “people I know (and use)”, but conversation in a context of world events, history, community action, etc., some larger generalized context. Capricorn may try to structure some “romantic time together” but it doesn’t work that way.Sag loves you the way it is and thinks romance is a big fat jokeroo.Degree of Passion: Sagittarius can get almost anyone close to the fire since they never have anything to lose but Cappie is still gonna balk at jumping on the funeral pyre of decorum and self-control.Degree of Friendship: These two can be quite marvelous friends especially if they take on a project together like planning a trip. These two win my vote as most likely to actually survive even something like designing a house together, Degree of Marriage: Excellent, provided Cap gives Sag enough playtime and an around the world cruise every now and then.