Dating a poor man

Is he chock-a-block in wonderful qualities like helping the poor and handicapped? Kill animals and hang their poor dead heads in the living room? If you are dating a rich man, what do you suppose his dating goal is or was? Is that you, or are you just a temporary stopping point? Was he out looking for someone with your qualities, or is this some fluke-y thing? Normally, couples look for things they have in common. Is he hard working or does he have enough money so you are stuck with him all day every day? How much money qualifies as rich, as in dating a rich man?Probably that kind of eating wouldn’t get old, but it might make you fat, and without knowing what he was looking for, you may be in trouble.

Remember your mother always said “It’s just as easy to date/marry/have a rich man as a poor man. But does this guy have any qualities but being rich? On the other hand, think how it might feel not to look at the prices on the menu.

Mom was not good with math and never could figure out how many more poor men there are than rich men. Some fancy restaurants used to give women menus without prices so they wouldn’t think about anything as low class as money, and assume the guy can pay no matter what.

Unless you think the money makes anybody good looking. How long, exactly, under the present circumstances will the money last? Does he want someone to show to his parents and move in his social class? Can you tell one fork from another on the dinner table? Would be nice if that were true in the game of dating a rich man.

Also, my love for literature helped to add fire to the passion.

As an English student, literature is a part of the study, so, in a way, you can say I am still on my field as a professional.

Yes I can’t, truth is bitter; a man must be hardworking. If you are not hardworking, how are we going to give our children quality education? So my desired man must have something lucrative doing because I cannot be idle myself. We must work together and achieve our collective goals. You read English, why haven’t you done any English film? I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m tired of women talking about how they can’t marry or date a broke man.It’s no wonder most of them are single and even when they get hooked, the marriage falls out after a year.Yoruba actress Bose Oladimeji spoke to Vanguard in a recent interview about why she can’t date poor men and no place for them in her heart.Read excerpts from the interview below: – Why did you pick acting as a career? The passion began to grow as a child, back then when we used to play the moonlight play, where we imitated our parents and everything we saw on the television.