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I was offered a towel to dry the rain off and a drink. They looked better and their cocks looked larger than on the video, and as they had already seen me naked I did not resist when Neil pulled up my shirt and Ken loosened my belt and slid my trousers down.

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CYBER VS REAL SEX (OR A CHANCE HOOKUP LEADS TO THE REAL THING) One Friday evening I had decided to stay in as it was far too cold, wet and miserable to venture far from home, so to pass the time I clicked on to a gay chat site hoping to at least get into a hot chat with someone on-line. I said Ok and soon we had the videos and voice working.

I liked this site because it had a world wide scope and it was not unusual to find oneself chatting to guys from anywhere; London, New York, Canada anywhere on earth. I found that I was looking at two rather attractive middle aged men. They introduced themselves: the taller one was Ken. I introduced myself as TJ and they asked if I wanted to watch them jerk off.

I use the handle TJ After a while of watching the conversation flow I typed: TJ: Anyone from Sydney Oz want to hitch up? I said OK but Neil suggested that it would be more fun if I joined in too.

There was no response and so I typed: TJ: Anyone want to chat? I agreed, got undressed and adjusted the camera so they could get a good look at my rock hard cock.

Still no response, so I thought Id look for another site but just as I was about to change over I got a message from neil&ken asking for a private chat, so with nothing to lose I agreed. They said they liked the look of me and said it was a pity that we were not having a real threesome instead of cyber sex.

I agreed and as I was getting rather hot at the sight of their lovely stiff cocks I asked where they were, and much to my surprise it turned out that they lived only a few suburbs away.Neil asked me if Id care to come over to their house for the evening, and suddenly it did not seem too uninviting to go out at all. I drove to the address they gave and found the townhouse they described.They were waiting and the door opened as soon as I arrived.I couldn’t stand being disappointed over and over again. We I know…just about everybody thinks that meeting with someone that you meet online is risky to say the least. Usually a bit of self stimulation and imagination can tire me out, but last night I needed help.Maybe I’d been wrong, and we weren’t meant to be after all. So logging onto an adult chat site I soon myself floo Lesbian Chat 101: Crzygrl4u: anyone willing TO cyber press 1?Moments later a dozen lesbian horny women presses 1.