Computer keeps updating configuration

Some usual causes along with their solutions are discussed below.Causes For Computer to Freeze Up by Itself If your desktop computer or laptop computer keeps freezing up frequently or on any random occasion, the cause could be any of the reasons given below: Some kind of virus present in the system affecting its performance The computer lacks enough sources to function well Issues with the computer hardware compatibility System configuration is inadequate to run the program or application you are trying to run When there are compatibility issues with the software you are trying to run on the computer The page file might be getting stuck in the cache for a significant time There is very little free memory space on the computer Solutions to Prevent Computer From Freezing Randomly Possible solutions you can try out if your computer keeps freezing up randomly: Virus Check The foremost thing you should do when your computer keeps on freezing up by itself, is to run an anti-virus application, which will help you in identifying and deleting viruses from the computer.

If you don't have an anti-virus software installed in your computer, use any free web-based anti-virus software available on the internet (generally not recommended).

Spyware Check Other than computer virus, there could also be unwanted spyware or ad-ware present in the system, which could be the reason if your computer keeps freezing randomly.

Hence, it is essential to run a spyware removal tool, to delete the troublesome spyware from the system.

The spyware removal tool can either be downloaded for free from the net, or be bought from a local software store.

Computer Memory Check In case the Random Access Memory (RAM) is defective, there are chances that due to this your computer keeps on freezing frequently.

Run a quick memory check with the help of a relevant software from the internet. Go Through Recently Installed Items There are chances of your computer not having the correct configuration needed to run some software or support certain hardware devices.To ensure this is not the case, uninstall and remove all recently installed software or hardware devices. , is a very frustrating cry from people who face this problem.Frustration or irritation rises because they could be in the middle of some important work on the computer, and suddenly the machine comes to a standstill.There is no other option left, but to restart the computer and start the work from scratch.If your computer keeps freezing up by itself, causes could be numerous.