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I'd better not stand too close to you, people might think I'm part of the band. I feel it's like, it's more like going, going to a, a national park or something. How far is all the way, and then if it stops, what's stopping it, and what's behind what's stopping it? one single thing that goes wrong, a hundred things go right. It's like saying when you try to extrapolate the end of the universe, you say, if the universe is indeed infinite, then how - what does that mean?

: We're very lucky in the band in that we have two visionaries, David and Nigel, they're like poets, like Shelley and Byron.

They're two distinct types of visionaries, it's like fire and ice, basically. That little dog that chases the covered wagon underneath the sink? In 1966, I went down to Greenwich Village, New York City to a rock club called Electric Banana. But that night, I heard a band that for me redefined the word "rock and roll". their exuberance, their raw power - and their punctuality. Seventeen years and fifteen albums later, Spinal Tap is still going strong.

I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water. It gives us a chance to let our hair down, although I see you've got a head start in that department. And they've earned a distinguished place in rock history as one of England's loudest bands. the smells of a hard-working rock band, on the road.

I shouldn't talk, though, I'm getting a little shaggy myself. So in the late fall of 1982, when I heard that Tap was releasing a new album called "Smell the Glove", and was planning their first tour of the United States in almost six years to promote that album, well needless to say I jumped at the chance to make the documentary - the, if you will, "rockumentary" - that you're about to see.

'Cause Frank calls the shots for all of those guys.

it's about 3 o'clock in the morning and, uh, he sees Frank? It's, you know, it's like this..." And it did kind of freak me out a bit. : When I did join, you know, they did tell me - they kind of took me aside and said, "Well, Mick. You're on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you're on ten on your guitar. They are treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry." : I do not, for one, think that the problem was that the band was down. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing at ten. : You know, just simple lines intertwining, you know, very much like - I'm really influenced by Mozart and Bach, and it's sort of in between those, really. The musical growth of this band cannot even be charted. : "This tasteless cover is a good indication of the lack of musical invention within. So, what's the end, you know, is my question to you. I think that the problem *may* have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being *crushed* by a *dwarf*. That tended to understate the hugeness of the object. : You put a *greased naked woman* on all fours with a dog collar around her neck, and a leash, and a man's arm extended out up to here, holding onto the leash, and pushing a black glove in her face to sniff it.