Cdc statistics dating violence

The publicity that marked Brown’s beating of Rhianna brought attention to this problem in society, and provides a catalyst for conversation about the reality of dating violence.

Those who are victims of dating violence need to be treated with concern and respect, not just teen violence but any dating violence.

Statistics related to dating violence and teenagers Dating violence affects all ages, and affects both genders, although recipients are most often females.

The numbers of adolescents who are victims of dating violence are on the rise, and this can set the stage for relationship difficulties later in life.

Here are some statistics about dating violence from the Centers for Disease Control: This information is especially telling when you realize that 72% of students in eighth and ninth grade “date”.

Dating violence can involve emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse.

This article contains statistics related to dating violence and teenagers, health problems as a result of dating violence, and advise on developing healthy dating relationships.One of the pervasive problems in society has to do with dating violence.The recent incident involving popular performing artists Chris Brown and Rhianna illustrates the fact that dating violence is a reality in our society.The indications are that students are younger when they start dating - and that they may not be emotionally mature enough for dating.This can set the stage for dating violence as they grow older.Health problems as a result of dating violence Dating violence can result in actual health issues.