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September 8, 2015 It didn’t take long for this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to get over her actor ex.

She is dating a married man who she has hooked up with in the past.

His wife is on to him though and he things are getting tense from every side.

I specifically remember the night, but if not for later events, I’m not sure I would ever have known she was in that group of people.

She stops brushing for one second and then says my name and asks how our mutual friend is doing. Not a second of shock to see me even though she had not been at the party the night before.

It was going to be like that for me with our actress. I knew I had seen her before, but just couldn’t make my mind work fast enough. There was a mirror that ran almost the length of the room between the two doors. I kind of freeze because there is a half dressed woman in front of me and also because I think I recognize her. I was at a stoplight and a man walked through the crosswalk. He was a guy who used to work all day every day at a Starbucks close to my house. Then he disappeared only to reappear in that crosswalk. She presumably had come in the door opposite to the one I entered. Although I haven’t hinted that I knew or know her, I have written posts and blinds about her. It seems like a different life when you look at it now. Slightly later in time when we met compared to some of the other people from my past I have introduced you to. Not a raised eyebrow at the no knocking or finding her the way she was. I just told her I was lost and just needed to find my way out to the living room.I wrote one a few years ago that documented some of her early acting history and experiences. The first time I met her I’m not sure we even spoke to each other. It is like a circle of bedrooms with a living room and kitchen in the middle. Even with all of that it still took me what seemed like another minute or two before I finally caught up to the place where she was. She kept her toothbrush in her mouth and made two hand signals indicating directions and then another to shoo me out of the room. Tomorrow I will tell you about the river and the 48 hours we spent getting to know each other.I knew someone from a group of people she was with and the group of four or five people I was with hung out for a few hours with her group. Friday night had been a million drinks and people and Saturday was starting off slow. As long as I get four or five hours of sleep, I’m generally good to go the next day. My friend is living in this place with five or six other people. Some of the bedrooms connect, but some open doors to bathrooms. Probably not as confusing when stone cold sober operating on some decent sleep. It has been so long ago that I don’t remember even learning her name. I might move slowly but there is not a lot of pain.