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We might get Liz Mitchell of Boney M to do the ceremony - she's a pastor now."�She added that Lemmy from Motorhead was "definitely coming" and would possibly give her away. It was clear they had a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Smith has been married a number of times, with one husband being an evangelical preacher. And Trudie Styler has caches of dykes stashed around the world? Fox said: "We might get married here and have the do [party] in Siberia. I love her completely and want to spend the rest of my life with her."Fwiw, a friend of mine was in Nashville years ago and told me that the people he met in the music scene did not want to discuss Travis. And I think that Connie Smith is married to Marty Stuart (who is nearly 20 years younger than her). People think I'm nuts, but I think his dancing/movements in the video for "King of Wishful Thinking" are incredibly sexy. No, Usher is not "the epitome of bi" any more than the other two frequent wishful thinking-based rumors of the same variety about John Mayer and Justin Timberlake. Believing that he's at least bi is about as credible as those last people you name."There were Usher and J. Chasez rumours as far back as 11-12 years ago on the old "Is He Hay Is She Gay" website."Weren't there rumors that JC was hooking up with someone from a rival boyband? Can't start a thread: Sam Fox plans to tie the knot with her female partner Eighties pin-up Sam Fox has revealed her plans to have a civil partnership with girlfriend Myra Stratton. magazine that they planned to have a ceremony in England. One of the singers whose voice caught my attention was Connie Smith.

He and his friends were sitting right in front of us. The promoter was my best friend and had to deal with the situation ie. An AC/MOR radio programmer I knew claimed way back in the '70's that Sedaka was selectively out then, and that 'Love in the Shadows' was a very public tip of the hat to the lavender crowd. Sure, I know she's not a musician, she's an actress and producer, but she's married to a musician.

Neil Sedaka was ripped off by a couple of muscle marys he picked up from a go go bar in Bangkok when he toured there yers and years ago. Then he had the nerve to act all offended about Adam Lambert's nail polish. Sting's wife Trudie is a lesbian, she has lovers all over the world.

Coming out of the closet in Country Music, would be a literal death sentence. Randy Travis all but drooled over Kris Allen when he mentored this season on American Idol. Lesley Gore, Johnny Ray, Sal Mineo, Tony Perkins, Lou Christie, Johnny Mathis, Baltimora, Pet Shop Boys, Blow Monkeys, Disco Tex, Sylvester, Boy George, Judas Priest, Accept, Right Said Fred, B52s, Cliff Richard. He dresses very 'abercrombie' (ugh, old men in abercrombie), but still when guys dress like this, they dress to impress other guys, not girls.

Yes, he's married with kids but that doesn't always mean straight (especially in a business where image is everything)Coming out of the closet in the Music Industry, would slow your sales in America today. Randy Travis is gay, gay, gay (I know two different guys who have seen him at gay bars in Nashville) and a lying hypocrite who has campaigned for the Bush clan and talks about his "strong Christian values"Closet cases like him are the worst. He dresses in a way that I know girls don't find at all attractive.

He even wears that shelled necklace which is very dated.

Rumours about Fox's sexuality first emerged in 1999, when she judged a lesbian beauty pageant. It was also obvious that their discomfort had to do with the fact that Travis was in all likelihood gay. During that relationship, Smith sang religious material.In 2003, she announced that she was in love with Stratton, who was her manager at the time."But I can't keep saying, 'Maybe,' or denying it. And a couple of their kids are missionaries/preachers. He later blamed his "deviancy" on a meth problem (he had it in his possession at the time of arrest) and went into rehab. He lost his radio popularity in 2000 and quit touring in 2002, beginning a downward spiral of extreme weight gain (75 pounds), divorce from his second wife, and rehab for a second time. Am is gay simply because he "pings" is bullshit rumormongering. Dre are on the DL; I know for a fact that R83's comment is correct; I'm well-aware Gavin Rossdale had an affair with a tranny; Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and Dolly are too obviously residents of the Isle of Lesbos to even bother discussing; and Little Richard's refusal to state the obvious is nearly as silly as Liberace's. He used to be married to one of Johnny Cash's daughters but he wears these rhinestone, denim and leather outfits that "ping to high heaven" and has huge 80s feathered hair even as he has passed both the decade and age where that would have been appropriate."Marty Stuart"Interesting that you should ask, R121. I'm also shocked no one's yet mentioned Ty Herndon (particularly in light of today's story about the Dallas mall-sting operation), who was arrested way back in 1995 in a Fort Worth park late at night for whipping out his cock in front of a cop and starting to jerk off. Can anyone speak to the sexual orientation of Marty Stuart, the country singer with frequent DUIs and an older, beard-looking wife. Sting's been cheating for years, but it's not really cheating since his wife is gay and they have an open marriage.[quote]There are no gays in Country Music - period. There are no OPEN gays in country, but PLENTY of closeted cases. I think the man's music is highly under rated, BTW. The so-called swinging sessions she talked about on Howard Stern years ago, were simply to divert attention from their marital set-up.