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BTW..any thing on RAW truly exceed the Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles match?Loved seeing the beloved, grizzled veteran Terry Funk on RAW as he gave Dean Ambrose a helluva 'rub' just as Mick Foley did earlier.Hope WWE has viable plans for Ambrose post 'Mania and after he's likely physically decimated by Brock Lesnar in Texas.

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The Raw broadcast from Philly was audibly unlike most Philly crowds which usually means that they aren't seeing what they would prefer. Nonetheless I watched the show late Monday night on DVR so I could have lost of the the sizzle of the show with my hand on the fast forward button.

It was far from a bad show but it's obvious to most that having a great, THREE hour pro wresting show simply is not too likely for anyone and not just WWE.

The Mc Mahon added stipulation to the HIAC match for control of RAW featuring Shane Mc Mahon vs The Undertaker has generated a fair amount of speculation.

That's good as at least folks are talking about the match and the event more, or so it seems.

I see Taker wining at Wrestlemania but stranger things could happen as this, as in most pro wrestling storylines, can go multiple, 'right ways.' You can bet the farm that WWE is not going to squander the Undertaker's 'retirement' without marketing it to the hilt.The IC Title Wrestlemania match gets 13 days promotion which seems like a rush job but it puts the 7 talents on the show and in a position to go out and overachieve and create 'moments.' Why would they approach it any other way? Happy to welcome Mickie James to the Ross Report Podcast tonight at 9pm ET/6pm Pacific on, i Tunes and right here on the home page of our site.Insightful, interesting and honest conversation with the talented wrestler/entertainer, wife, and mom who still travels doing independent bookings. What did Vince Mc Mahon say to her after Mickie displayed a controversial gesture while in the ring at Wrestlemania?Good stuff for sure and it's free thanks to our sponsors.The Dallas House of Blues let me know today that we have only standing room, general admission tickets remaining for our three, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross and Friends Shows.